SoulCap is an AR platform where you can tokenize, buy and sell souls. Later on, we'll also add the ability to play interact with (and/or torture 😈) souls. We made this proof of concept for the 0x hackathon to get started.

We wanted to help people tokenize their creativity in a new way, and have a little fun as well. Over the long term, we're also highly interested in game interopability, and hope to partner with other games to make Souls an avatar standard.

We are big fans of 0x, and also had an interest in experimenting with new token mechanics for ZRX, so we offer a discount for minting souls if the user holds ZRX in their wallet.

The way it works is pretty simple. The user goes to our site, and can browse the various souls we have to offer--they take picture of themselves, and "entomb" this picture into a "soul" as an ERC721 for a small fee (.005 Eth, .0025 if the user holds ZRX in their wallet).

Users can then visit our store to buy "showcase" souls.

Questions about how it works or want more info? Check out our GitHub or reach out to us on Twitter, we're @atyreefinch and @cupojoseph. Or if you prefer to use email like a heathen, reach out to

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